Child safety restraint patterns in Moldova


Global Road Safety


Angela Cazacu-Stratu


Republic of Moldova

Road traffic injuries are the eighth leading cause of death worldwide, with disproportionately high mortality rates in low- and middle-income countries (WHO 2016, James et al. 2020, Murray et al. 2020). Children are among the most vulnerable of road users, and, globally, road traffic injuries are currently the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5 to 29 (WHO Geneva 2018). The Republic of Moldova would benefit from more thorough and effective legislation to maximize benefits in injury reduction as learned from the best-practice child restraint laws that already exist globally. Ongoing monitoring of pediatric road injury and safety equipment use can support improvements and measure their impact. Such achievements will require multi-sector coordination, such as existing support from the police, who have data surveillance capability that is essential for ongoing monitoring (Cazacu-Stratu et al. 2019, Cociu 2020). 

The full paper can be found here, and it is a close collaboration with the Romanian team, using the tools and methodologies developed previously under the coordination of Dr. Dulf.


Increasing Capacity for Injury Research in Eastern Europe


Dr. Diana Dulf
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