Injury patterns among 0-18 years old in Armenia


Acute Care


Ruzana Manukyan



Traumas are one of the most serious health problems in the world. Currently, injuries/poisoning/other external causes are Armenia’s 8th cause of death. The mortality rate among males up to 70 years old is approximately four times higher than in women, road traffic injuries are one of the mechanisms of causes of death and are noteworthy because it is estimated that the whole health system will benefit from road traffic injury prevention. Recently few reforms have been performed in Armenia, and the aim of these reforms was to reduce the mortality rate caused by road traffic injuries.

Totally, there were 4049 injury cases in 2018 collected from 5 hospitals in Yerevan. Of all of these cases, 1011 were among 0-18 years old children: 303 girls/707 boys (1 unknown). Approximately 69% of injury cases didn’t reveal the actual mechanism of injuries among 0-18 years old children. From those unspecified 696 cases, 367 mentioned Leisure or play as an activity when injured, 38 – Vital activity (eating/drinking, sleeping/resting, personal hygiene, etc.), 34 – Sports and exercise during leisure time or professional sports, 15 – Education, 7 – Traveling not elsewhere classified/ Paid work (includes traveling to/from and in the course of paid work)/ Unpaid work (includes domestic chores, home construction/repair, traveling to/from unpaid work, etc.), 244 – other/unspecified/blank. There is a high rate of underreporting cases, or missing information in the hospital injury registry. 


Increasing Capacity for Injury Research in Eastern Europe


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