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I am MD, MPH and MSc. My main research focus areas include: mental health, cognition, neurodegeneration and ageing. In the framework of iCREATE project, together with my supervisors, I conducted a cross-sectional study assessing the Workplace Violence against healthcare workers in Tbilisi, Georgia

iCREATE Project experience

My main focus area in research is mental health and cognition, I was working on a project studying Visual Preferences for Faces in Valproate exposed chicks, afterwards I was involved in the project studying the Impact of glycosylation on neuron structure and function in the diseased and ageing brain. 

iCREATE project helped me in defining my main research interest. The project that I was working gave me hands on experience on how research is done. The most important thing I learned during this process is that not everything goes as planned while conducting the study, and one must be able to adapt to changes; research requires hard work.

Our study was preliminary study aiming to assess workplace violence in Tbilisi, Georgia, we conducted quantitative study. The same study continues and it’s planned to conduct qualitative study. Our work was presented in various seminars and conferences, included SAVIR (The Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research) conference in 2021, the abstract was published in BMJ.


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Increasing Capacity for Injury Research in Eastern Europe


Dr. Diana Dulf
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