Alcohol-related Injuries

During the initial funding cycle (iCREATE1), the focus of the project has been on acute care, road traffic safety, and violence against women and children. In the second cycle of funding (iCREATE2), the grant expanded to include a cross-cutting component of alcohol consumption as a risk factor for injury since data shows that the burden of alcohol use disorders is of high concern in all three partner countries. 


  • Measure the frequency that emergency department patients who have positive alcohol tests
  • Measure the impact of alcohol use on recovery/ rehabilitation
  • Alcohol use as a risk factor for crashes
  • Describe patterns of drinking that are related to driving/ transportation
  • Identify how alcohol use is related to the culture of family violence
  • Measure the association between alcohol use and violent events


Increasing Capacity for Injury Research in Eastern Europe


Dr. Diana Dulf
Pandurilor 7 Street, 9th Floor, Room 910, Cluj-Napoca, Romania